So, I started this blog because I wanted to add more information to the internet on how to do a Honda K20/K24 swap on a Mazda RX-8. I noticed most of the resources were random people on YouTube showing their completed swap, or some other guides/vlogs that are pretty outdated.

    I noticed a large gap in information, specifically surrounding the wiring and electrical portion of the swap. I want to elaborate on points that aren't covered by other people, to help the car community and to make someone else's swap easier.


  1. very interesting! I've been thinking about changing my engine for a k24 turbo for several months.
    I have seen people who use an ecummaster control unit and people who use the donor engine control unit (in my case of accord type r) ... I hope to read how you have done the wiring

  2. Did you finish the wiring? Did you get the 2 ecus to run the car? Did you get the car to run?

  3. I got one for sale, 67k miles clean, nav, dvd, sunroof, leather, fully loaded ready for a swap. https://offerup.com/item/detail/1614349465


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