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Fitting the K24 Into The RX-8 (Part 1)

    Last post, I finished the backstory about the RX-8 and the K Swap. This is the first post on the actual swap. I received my adapter kit from Collins Performance, and picked up a JDM K24a with the 3-lobe cam. As far as I know, it's the equivalent of a K24a2. The previous owner was saving it as a spare for his sand rail, but ended up going a different route.     Note: all of the steps I have in this blog are meant to be in addition to the Collins Adapters video linked here on how to fit this into the RX-8 with their swap kit.     The motor came with all of the accessories on it, which I removed. I want to keep the motor as simple as possible, without any extra accessories attached to it. This way, I can get a barebones running swap, and work my way up to all of the 'nice to haves'. That being said, I removed the AC compressor. It looks like there would be room for it, but I didn't want the extra headache of attaching it.      As far as the exhaust manifold goes, I ke