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Fitting the K24 Into The RX-8 (Part 2)

    Continuing from my previous post, m y next step was to join the motor and trans together. I actually pushed the motor/trans combo under the car and lifted it up into the car, using some floor jacks and and engine hoist. It was similar to how people drop/put in NC Miata motors. The reason I did this is I didn't have a load leveler, and I was worried about repeatedly bashing the firewall trying to get the trans in.          Putting it together with the adapter kit is pretty straight forward. Just install it like you would on any other clutch. I ended up having to sorta use some different bolts and some washers, etc, because the instructions weren't clear at all. In fact, my kit came with absolutely no instructions at all, so I winged it. That resulted in me doing some sketchy things to get the trans bolted to the plate, and the plate bolted to the motor. If you're using this kit, I would probably call them for instructions.     I got the motor all connected together with