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Intake Manifold and Pulleys

      Hi! More progress on the K Swapped RX8 underway :) In this post, I would like to go over how to fit an S2000 intake manifold into the engine bay and onto the car, as well as how to set up the pulleys and belt, whether you have a USDM or JDM motor. Pulleys and Belt    I went with the K Power Idler/Tensioner Delete Kit . This completely simplifies your belt system, making it only the crank pulley, water pump, alternator, and the pulley from K Power. This is perfect if you're not running A/C and P/S. On the RX-8, the power steering pump is completely useless anyways, as it has an electric steering rack. I have never had a setup without a tensioner before, however I am very pleased with the amount of tension this setup provides. It feels like the perfect amount and the belt is very tight.     If you have a USDM Motor, you can buy this kit and hook everything up. However, if you have a JDM motor like I do, it's going to be a bit more of a headache to put this together. You nee