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Wiring Part 1, Modifying RX-8 and Honda K Harnesses

     Hey guys, I finally got some time to start working on the wiring of this car. Me, having never done a motor swap before, had little knowledge of how you could wire in a motor from a completely different car. But now, after countless hours of research, I have the game plan figured out.      As I stated previously, I will be using a Hondata K-Pro alongside the stock Mazda ECU. This is the budget alternative to using the Adaptronics ECU , made specifically to interact with the RX-8s canbus system that drives the goodies, like the electronic steering, speedometer, ABS, just to name a few. If you're using a Hondata K-Pro, then this is what you'll want the stock ECU for.  Now, I also want to retain the factory RX-8 throttle body. This way, I will retain drive by wire, eliminating the need to install a throttle pedal from another car. Also, it's a cheap way to get a 70mm throttle body :) This being said, I need to snag this off of the OEM Renesis engine harness. When modifyin

Steering Rack and Slave Cylinder

       Hi, it's been a while since I've posted. After I got the car in mobile condition, I was burnt out on it and spent a couple weeks recouping. Unfortunately some things elsewhere came up, like selling my daily to buy another one, moving across the country, and getting someone to ship this damn car across the country. So that took my time and money for a good few months. The RX-8 project is no longer on the backburner, and will continue in full force :)       When I was putting the car together, I wanted to put some emphasis on how to get the clutch system to work, and also how to hook up the steering rack. Since the steering rack is lowered about 1-2 inches, the stock steering column is now too short to reach the rack. You need to use a Lexus IS250 Steering Column   U-Joint, part number 45206-30112. It looks like this picture below. We want to use this piece to extend from the steering rack , to connect to the stock RX-8 U-Joint  on the steering column. The part I have ci