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Backstory (Part 2)

       So last post went over how I got the RX-8 and that I found the motor was blown. At this point, my immediate decision was to go out and buy a rebuilt Renesis. In the meantime, I decided to pull the blown motor out. I rolled the car into the garage and got to work on it.      Without this turning into a DIY on how to pull the motor, I referenced this guide , which is a really good how to post on everything you need to do. Although you do need to be careful of your OMP, I would also suggest you take care of your clutch line. I ended up ripping this when I pulled the motor out, and replaced it with one of these braided clutch lines . Also, to reach the top bellhousing bolts, you can actually access these easier by lowering the motor and taking them out from the engine bay with some ratcheting wrenches. Once you pull the motor out, you can reinstall the crossmember to let the trans have something to sit on. why is the ground soaking wet you ask? because my exhaust had almost a GALLON

Backstory (Part 1)

hi :)     S o, I started this blog because I wanted to add more information to the internet on how to do a Honda K20/K24 swap on a Mazda RX-8. I noticed most of the resources were random people on YouTube showing their completed swap, or some other guides/vlogs that are pretty outdated.      I noticed a large gap in information, specifically surrounding the wiring and electrical portion of the swap. I want to elaborate on points that aren't covered by other people, to help the car community and to make someone else's RX-8 K swap easier. Here's the backstory    Previously, I was an owner of some Mazda Miatas. My first one was an NB (Second Generation), and my next one was an NA (First Generation). I was on the search for my third Miata, when I came across this black 2005 Mazda RX-8 for sale. I was already looking into RX-8s as a new project car; so I was very interested in going to see it.     When I met up to check the car out, turns out the previous owner had the car sitti