Backstory (Part 1)

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    So, I started this blog because I wanted to add more information to the internet on how to do a Honda K20/K24 swap on a Mazda RX-8. I noticed most of the resources were random people on YouTube showing their completed swap, or some other guides/vlogs that are pretty outdated.

    I noticed a large gap in information, specifically surrounding the wiring and electrical portion of the swap. I want to elaborate on points that aren't covered by other people, to help the car community and to make someone else's RX-8 K swap easier.

Here's the backstory

   Previously, I was an owner of some Mazda Miatas. My first one was an NB (Second Generation), and my next one was an NA (First Generation). I was on the search for my third Miata, when I came across this black 2005 Mazda RX-8 for sale. I was already looking into RX-8s as a new project car; so I was very interested in going to see it.

    When I met up to check the car out, turns out the previous owner had the car sitting in the driveway for over a year and a half, originally with intent to fix it, but later deciding to sell it. The motor was blown at just shy of 80k miles, which what I now know was due to a tragic death of the motor overheating.

My RX-8 Sitting on the road

super dusty from sitting in a driveway for over a year

    Unfortunately, while the car sat, it basically died. Rotors are rusted beyond fixing, rubber boots are all cracked and dried out, and the interior started falling apart. I wasn't sure if the motor was salvageable or not, but I decided to buy with the intent of having to replace it. Me and the previous owner agreed to $800 for the car.

    Even though the car has been sitting in the driveway, I feel like the rest of it is in great shape. Paint looks good, absolutely no rust, stock everything, etc. So here the car sits waiting for a tow truck to scoop him up.

My RX-8 on a trailer home

on the way home

    Once I brought the car home, I immediately got to work on a compression test. The results were okay for the front rotor; about 80 psi on all 3 faces. The rear rotor, however, had no compression on any face, period. On top of it, both rotors splashed out coolant every time the motor spun. So now it was time to search for a motor.

    At this point, I'm going to conclude part one. part two will be about my motor choices and how I came to deciding on a k swap. thanks for reading :)    


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