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Hey all, I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about my build and wiring progress, and I’m sad to say that I had to sell the project about 8 months ago. I had to move across the country because of unforeseen circumstances. I have deep regret that I had to sell the car, but it did go to someone who said they were going to finish the build. 

HOWEVER. My plan to buy another RX-8 here in Arizona to redeem this build and this website. I want to finish what I started. I have seen my articles helping so many people with their builds, and for that I am glad that this has been serving some purpose. Stay tuned, I will update this website as soon as I get another RX-8. So far, it’s looking to be around 2024. Thank you <3

Update 04/2024: I’m still lurking; I haven’t forgotten about this project yet. I’ve been wrapped up with my current project car, a C6Z. Although it’s a great car on the track, eventually I’m going to need a dedicated track car, and it will end up being an RX-8. 


  1. Thank you for the update and guidance. Best of luck!

  2. Best of luck bud, this has also been a build jugging around my mind for a time when I'm better set in life

  3. Please keep us posted on the next rx-8 you build! I'm in the process of doing one myself!

  4. it is unfortunate you had to sell the rx8. I am looking to do the swap as well around 2024 as well. looking forward to seeing this blog become active again while working on my own rx8


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